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Ensuring Math Excellence and Equity for All Students in Belmont

Two-page Briefing Note (Download PDF)

The Belmont community has clearly expressed its demand for flexibility that provides all students the ability to engage in challenging material. Parents want structural solutions to support readiness for math challenge.

The Case for 7th Grade Algebra

The Challenger Geometry program was intended as a stop-gap until the 7-8 wing of the new school opens in Fall 2023. A course that enrolls 40% of students in a grade should not be offered as an online extracurricular. Meeting our students where they are by filling multiple classes of 7th grade Algebra I and 8th grade Geometry would not involve additional hiring, would not impact class size, and would not impair the middle school team model.

History of Achievement

Belmont has a long history of supporting students in achievement of excellence in math outcomes. Our students have historically far outperformed state expectations. Even with the pandemic, 67% of Belmont students met or exceeded state math expectations in 2021 vs. 33% statewide.