Decisions Should Be Based on Accurate Data

When Belmont Math Parents first formed in the fall of 2019, we were hearing the BPS administration make lots of claims about math that we were pretty sure just weren’t true.
We knew we needed access to accurate raw data about math enrollment in Belmont.


Data and Findings

We have submitted numerous public records requests and gathered lots of MCAS data to see the full picture. Here’s what we’ve learned.

The numbers show that Chenery could easily fill multiple classes of 7th Grade Algebra and 8th grade Geometry every year

The number of students who have benefited from math acceleration is much higher than the numbers publicly cited by the schools

The data shows no evidence of large numbers of students negatively impacted by math acceleration in the past

Belmont school leadership has been using incorrect numbers in their presentations to the School Committee and to the public

The total cost of the Chenery Math Acceleration program from 2013-2020 was $0

Full Analysis:
Chenery Math Acceleration by the Numbers

Short Version with Key Results:

Challenger Math Enrollment, 2022-23

Chenery Needs 7th Grade Algebra

The Challenger Geometry program has been wildly popular since its inception in 2021, with enrollment far exceeding the administration’s assumptions.  More than a third of the entire 8th grade is participating in Challenger Geometry in 2022-23. 

The enrollment data shows that there is a large portion of the Belmont student population for whom Algebra I in 8th grade is not enough of a challenge.  These students would be ready for Algebra in 7th grade, but their needs are not being met.